From the best dates to travel, location for your ideal experience, travel accommodations, restaurant and entertainment recommendations, to Onsite LVIN Staff, you can trust that we will deliver a premier fraternity or sorority formal for your group!



Every great weekend formal begins with the perfect destination, and that’s where we excel. We understand the importance of setting the right atmosphere for your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters which is why we offer a wide selection of breathtaking locations tailored to your desires and needs.

When planning a LVIN formal, whether you’re envisioning a beachfront formal under the stars, a grand event in a historic city, or an intimate gathering in the countryside, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive network and industry experience empower us to arrange formals at virtually any location you might be interested in.

Take a moment to explore some of our most popular destinations below. These are just a small sampling of what we can arrange for your fraternity or sorority, and remember, with us handling the logistics, you’re free to focus on what matters most: creating lifelong memories.



Our goal is to make this experience one you will never forget and also to make the process as easy as possible for you and your group. That’s why we have developed a 4-step process that ensures success!

Step 1

Fill out the below form and a LVIN Travel Planner will reach out within 24 hours to schedule a call.

Step 2

When you meet with your LVIN Travel Planner, you’ll discuss the date of your formal, the ideal location, and all other custom aspects that you’d like to cover.

Step 3

Next, we’ll develop an easy and transparent payment schedule.

Step 4

Relax! Because we got it from here, and it’s our job to worry about the details. We will ensure you have an amazing event!


“Our Sorority recently trusted LVIN Travel with the monumental task of arranging our college formal, and they exceeded all expectations. The level of understanding and commitment they demonstrated towards the unique elements of Greek life was commendable. I highly recommend LVIN Travel for any fraternity or sorority seeking to create an unforgettable formal event.”


“I worked with Devin to plan a fraternity formal in Las Vegas. I highly recommend using LVIN for all of your greek life events as the planning process and payments were much easier than trying to arrange this on our own. We had access to the top clubs like Omnia, XS, Zouk and AYU without having to wait in long lines. I look forward to planning all of our future events with them.”


“Our sorority formal in Nashville, arranged by LVIN Travel, was an event to remember. They brilliantly captured the spirit of Music City, providing us with an unparalleled blend of Southern charm and modern sophistication. From a gorgeous venue to their impeccable attention to detail, LVIN made our formal a standout event. They are the go-to choice for any college Greek life event in Nashville!”



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